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Boutique Accommodations in Michigan

You’d be surprised by the little gems that you can turn up in the unlikeliest of places: take Midland, Michigan, for example, a small town that boasts a big-city boutique hotel right downtown and mere steps away from several of their more unusual attractions, including a 3-way bridge,painted courthouse, and a school for Santas.



H Hotel, Midland Michigan

White, contemporary and airy, the H Hotel is a must-stay.

White, contemporary and airy, the H Hotel is a must-stay.

Don’t let the outside of this hotel fool you into thinking you are checking into the emergency room at a hospital. The “H”, as it turns out, refers not to gurneys and hospital gowns, but to Hydrogen, the first element from the periodic table of the elements. And they really do get every element right here, from the boutique-chic decor to the attentive service from the main desk, to the great casual dining at Cafe Zinc (spelled like the hotel, using the chemical symbols, Ca Fe Zn. And the price? Less than half of a Holiday Inn in Manhattan!


The Tridge (a rare 3-way bridge) is literally steps across the back lawn of the H Hotel.



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