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Florida: Fun and Sun All Year Long


white-heron-on-Naples-BeachFlorida: come for the sun, stay for the fun.

When Canadian (and American) Snowbirds dream of heading south for the winter to chase the sun and sink their toes into warm sand, Florida is the destination of choice for many of them. And there’s good reason for that.

With more than 2,000 km of coastline sitting on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, Florida boasts the longest contiguous shoreline in the United States, with every kind of waterfront imaginable. From gleaming expanses of white sand to tangled mangroves where even airboats have trouble navigating, ocean-loving visitors have no shortage of options to choose from. Nature-lovers have plenty to love in Florida, too, with almost 150 parks, reserves and forests dedicating to preserving the ecosystems and wildlife that are indigenous to the State.

If you are coming to Florida to do more than just sit on a beach, the state offers every imaginable type of playground as well: golfers can indulge their passion on over 1200 courses throughout the state; Orlando’s theme parks add new and exciting attractions every year; and Miami’s red-hot nightlife and club scene shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. Whatever you want to do to fill those sunny days or humid nights, Florida has every ‘leisure’ activity you can think of covered, including shopping (which can sometimes feel like a competitive sport for Canadians, depending on the exchange rate of our dollar!)

With all these opportunities to indulge in sun and fun, and its reputation as the home of Mickey Mouse & Co., it would be easy to dismiss Florida as lacking in culture. But that would be a mistake. There are world-class museums and art galleries here, too, restaurants that rival many in New York City, and historic sites that dates back to the 16th century – you’ll just need to tear yourself away from the beach long enough to explore them!

Whatever brings you to Florida, or wherever you are travelling from, one thing is certain: here you’ll find fun and sun all year long.


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