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If you’ve ever wondered how people find those incredibly cheap international flight deals on the internet, here’s how: robots! No, they aren’t programming their own personal digital minions, but they are using services like Dollar Flight Club, a company that uses computers to scour the internet looking for low prices on flights around the world. The good news is, you can use the same service and save hundreds of dollars on your next international flight, too! And we had to share this with you, because we think that anything that helps you travel is a good thing.

How Dollar Flight Club Works

It’s simple, really. All you need to do is sign up at Dollar Flight Club with your email address, and boom! email notices begin to arrive alerting you about cheap international flights from your region. The service costs you nothing.

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Go Premium and Get 100% of the Deals to YOUR departure airports.

The free signup gets you about 25% of the cheap flights that Dollar Flight Club finds out there, but if you want to get them all, the Premium membership sends you all of the deals – and you get them first. Plus you can choose departure airports near you so that the deals are super-targeted to your preferred airports.

It’s Only $40 a Year But Could Save You Hundreds – or More!

Premium membership with Dollar Flight Club costs $40 (U.S.) for an entire year, and since Henk and I signed up, I’ve already seen cheap flights come through for Europe and the Caribbean that are hundreds of dollars less than other airlines’ sale prices. Like $435 to Brussels return, or $570 return to Rome. And booking those flights is easy, because the email directs you to the exact site where you can find the deal from your city, and even tells you which travel site to book through.

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The World is Waiting – Why Are You?

Henk and I know how amazing it is to find cheap international flights, because we took advantage of one of these internet deals to fly to Portugal for under $450 CDN, return – WITH checked luggage! And the more flexible you are when it comes to destinations and timing, the more opportunities there are to fly for less.

TIP: Right now, all of Dollar Flight Club deals are shown in U.S. dollars in the email alert. So if you are in Canada, when you click through to the Canadian booking sites, the cost will be converted to Canadian Dollars. This is why the numbers will look higher, but the savings are still huge relative to other fares.

So while I sit here with my trigger-finger ready to pounce on the next deal that’s right for Henk and I, (Italy, I see you in our future!), check out Dollar Flight Club for yourself. I’m guessing that if you do sign up, this will be the one email you’ll look forward to opening the second it shows up in your inbox!

If you do decide to subscribe to this service please use the links in this post. You won’t pay anything extra, but Grownup Travels will receive a small commission which helps us keep the website running (and hopefully find you more great products and services in future.)

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