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I’ve said it before, I’m no foodie. But I do love brunch (well, and gnocchi if you’ve been following along with the blog). And judging by the lineups at many Toronto restaurants on a Saturday or Sunday, I’m not alone in this love of all things brunchy. So like the eggs that take centre stage at these restaurants, here’s a half-dozen or so places for you to enjoy what I believe to be the best meal of the day.

Why the big brunch bonanza? There are probably a lot of reasons why brunch is a fave with folks. But here’s what it boils down to for me (see what I did there?):

Reason to Brunch #1.
Who wants to cook on a Saturday or Sunday?

These are meant to be days OFF, people. And by combining breakfast with lunch, you get to take a pass on the kitchen for not one, but TWO meals. Sweet!

Reason to Brunch #2. Guilt-free indulgence.

Speaking of sweet, let’s talk pancakes, waffles and french toast – they all come standard at brunch without even having to ask for a dessert menu. It’s like getting a Free Pass between 10am and 3pm when these treats are just served up as regular food. So I can feel free to eat sweet if I choose to (one of the perks of being a grownup is that, yes, I am the Boss of Me.)

Reason to Brunch #3. Mornings in bed.

Planning to eat around noon means you have plenty of time to spend weekend mornings in bed doing whatever you prefer to do in bed. Do sudoku, do the crossword, do your partner – and you won’t have to do dishes afterwards (added bonus to point #1).


Reason to Brunch #4. Brunch is budget-friendly.

In fact, it is probably the cheapest meal ‘out’ that you can enjoy. Because except for the odd special-occasion Mimosa or hangover Caesar (Americans who don’t know what I’m talking about may want to read this), I’m not likely to be pounding back the beers or downing glasses of Shiraz at 11 in the morning. This is way cheaper than ‘date night’,  and is good news for my senior years, since I am planning to continue brunching all through retirement.

So having established Why to Brunch, here are my 9 picks (and counting) for Where to Brunch in Toronto:

1. Lady Marmalade

Lady Marmalade is just plain “D squared”: Decadent and Delicious. My fave is the brie/bacon/Benny, but seriously, it’s all good, and I have it on good authority from vegetarians and gluten-free folks that this place rocks too. (not that I care – but hey, it’s a big thing for some people). The ambience is early Salvation Army, where cups don’t even match saucers and formica has found a second life, but it all works. The only catch is, it’s cash-only, so if you’re planning on paying with your American Express, here you can (and should) leave home without it.

Lady Marmalade's decor is cheap-chic, but the food is 5-star.

Lady Mmmmmm-armalade’s decor is cheap-chic, but the food is 5-star.

2. Starving Artist

I like this for the hipster/new neighbourhood vibe (this second location is on St. Clair West between Dufferin and Oakwood), but I am a little p-o’d that Starving Artist didn’t exist when I lived near there for 8 years. Nonetheless, you must go here because the food is waffle-icious. Meaning waffles are a mainstay, and underpin almost everything on the menu, including the savoury Eggs Benny (here the waffle is a potato waffle – hello!) Proof that a waffle can make everything brunch even better. Oh, and bring cash, not credit here, too – or use their ATM on premise.)

Waffle-icious at the Starving Artist

Waffle-icious at the Starving Artist

Starving Artist serves waffles all week, not just weekends.

Starving Artist serves waffles all week, not just weekends.

3. Epicure

Okay, I have to admit, Epicure is a nostalgic favourite for me, even after they moved several years ago to a new location 2 doors east. They kept the same artsy museum posters, the same hidden patios, and more importantly, the same frites that come with their black forest ham version of Eggs Benny.

Epicure's boho artsy vibe.

Epicure’s boho artsy vibe.

The Grenadier in High Park has the best summer patio for brunch.

The Grenadier in High Park has the best summer patio for brunch.

4. The Grenadier

Right in the heart of High Park and with a summer patio shaded by its own tree, the Grenadier has to be the best breakfast place in town when you’re looking for brunch in a park setting.

It may not be the best ‘food for foodies’ because the hash browns are frozen not fresh, but the bacon and eggs and sausages are typical diner-style in quality and quantity. And the price on weekdays is more than fair at $4.99. Fair warning for weekends, though – the place fills up with Running Room runners (enjoying their bacon, just like everyone else!) and lots of baby strollers.


5. Farmhouse Tavern

Duck eggs! Better yet, panko-crusted, soft-boiled duck eggs (the ones at the top of this post.) That’s gotta be a lot of work, and not just for the duck. But at Farmhouse Tavern you’ll find a lot of farm animals making an appearance on the menu, along with some rather interesting and cheeky descriptions (“Mother and child reunion” for a duck prosciutto served alongside the panko duck egg – clever, yes, and yummy, too.)

Country Mouse meets City Mouse at the Farmhouse Tavern on Dupont.

Country Mouse meets City Mouse at the Farmhouse Tavern on Dupont.

6. Goodfork

Red. Velvet. Pancakes. And yes, they actually come with maple syrup AND cream cheese icing at Goodfork on Bloor Street West. ‘Nuff said. (Remember Reason to Love Brunch #2?)

7. Aunties and Uncles

After years of having this tiny little retro hotspot on my radar, I FINALLY made it to Aunties and Uncles just off College Street, and luckily it wasn’t a freezing cold morning when we went, because as I had been warned, there was a lineup. The reasons for the lineup were obvious when we got in after a 25-minute wait: 1) the place is teeny-weeny and 2) the food is homemade and worth every affordable penny.

I opted for the Croque Monsieur, an obey-gooey treat of ham and cheese on Challah with just enough Dijon to make it flavourful and not overpowering. The potato salad? Reminiscent of your grandmother’s summer picnic staple. (if any of us had those kind of old-school grandma’s or ever went on picnics!)

Croque monsieur

Aunties and Uncles’ Croque Monsieur: oui! oui!

Better than the food is the funky authentic retro decor in the hollowed-out rooms of this old house!

8. Stadt Cafe

Stadt Cafe Benny

Eggs Benedict with a sweet potato cake and chipotle hollandaise

Right in the heart of the trendy Junction on Dundas Street is Stadt, which delivers everything you’d expect in hip decor and ambiance (think reclaimed wood tables and industrial chic), as well as the kind of locally-sourced real ingredients you want in your brekkie. I particularly loved their take on Eggs Benny (with a sweet potato cake instead of an English Muffin, and a spicy chipotle hollandaise) but the potatoes were delicious too.

On another occasion, I had their huevos divorziados which were another tasty option. And I love it when a restaurant gives you bacon and potatoes as part of your strawberry french toast, not as a side! Pair it with one of their all-espresso-based coffees or tea and you’re all set to start the weekend.

Stadt Cafe french toast

Stadt Cafe strawberry french toast

9. Dirty Food

The Junction is definitely hot these days when it comes to funky food, and Dirty Food is another of my faves for a weekend brunch. And as much as I’m tempted to order something different, I always end up defaulting to anything egg-y that comes with their signature house potatoes (like their Eggs Jenny on a buttermilk biscuit with wilted collard greens). Super-thinly sliced and then roasted, baked, or whatever they do to make the potatoes soft and delicious, these are not your typical home fries. And if they don’t fill you up, there’s always the chicken and waffle sandwich or pierogis (who wants a light brunch, anyways – this has to serve as two meals!)

dirty food instagram

Check out Dirty Food’s instagram account if you want to make your mouth water!

TIP: The busiest times for brunch are from 11 – 1pm, especially on Sundays, so if you don’t like lineups, consider going earlier, later, Saturday instead of Sunday, or better yet, on a weekday – many of these places are open all week, so if you’re playing hooky from work anyways why not do brunch as well?


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