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Jane Machu Picchu

Thirty years ago, I caught the travel bug. And like most carriers, I can’t help sharing it with others.

There are two things about travelling that give me almost as much satisfaction as the trip itself: the information-gathering before I go, and sharing my experiences with others after I return home.

Inspiration for me…

It starts with a National Geographic photograph, a conversation with a friend, or an online article…and the next thing I know, travel fever hits and I’m in full information-gathering mode. My husband Henk doesn’t see me for days, as my Bookmarks fill up with tour operators, reviews, local attractions and must-see places to photograph. I research obsessively and tirelessly, finding accommodations local specialty operators didn’t even know about, revelling in the search for the authentic, the unique and the boutique – and when I find these gems, I feel like I’ve unearthed an archeological treasure.

Information for you…

The travel experiences that result from all this research are ones that I can’t wait to share with others. My excitement is infectious when I describe the destinations I’ve been to, the sights I’ve seen, or even the hotels where I’ve stayed. This enthusiasm has influenced others to the point where they’ve visited specific places, eaten at certain restaurants, or even booked a particular guide I’ve recommended. (On one occasion, I may even have saved a Roman honeymoon from a potentially disastrous start!)

This was the inspiration for Grownup Travels – a place where the information I’ve sourced and my personal experiences can help you and other 50+ travellers get the most out of your travels. Hopefully they will lead you to the kind of adventures you’ll want to share with others, too.

Because that’s exactly how travel fever spreads.

Jane Canapini is the Editor of Grownup Travels which she established in 2014. She is a member of the North American Travel Journalists Association, and both she and Henk are members of the Travel Media Association of Canada.

Henkapini Colombia

Jane Canapini spent more than 20 years as a creative director in advertising, hoarding every vacation day in order to pursue her travel passion. Now she applies her keen eye for imagery and love of storytelling as editor of Grownup Travels. She believes that “the best souvenirs are stories”, and she shares her best ones here to inspire other 50+ travellers to see the world.

Henk Geurts is married to Jane, and is the award-winning photographer half of Grownup Travels. When he’s not out capturing northern lights or waiting for the perfect sunset shot, he’s cataloguing and refining his tens of thousands of images of their travels. He believes a picture is worth a thousand words, so he leaves most of the storytelling to his wife.

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