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Boutique Accommodations in Peru

Peru offers all kinds of accommodation options for the High/Low mode of travel that I often employ: I like to splurge on grownup creature comforts, but mix it up with much more grassroots experiences that cost less but are worth so much in terms of experience. We covered both ends of the price spectrum on our trip, from truly luxurious stays at the foot of Machu Picchu in a boutique hotel, to a home stay on a tiny family farm on Amantani island in Lake Titicaca – where the ceiling of our room was literally papered with a blue tarp. I wouldn’t have missed either.



INKATERRA: Luxury at the foot of Machu Picchu

Inkaterra Hotel interior, Aguas Caliente Peru

You’ve gone all the way to Machu Picchu to explore the Lost City of the Inca. Why not make it an experience you’ll never forget and spoil yourself with a night or two at this luxury lodge. Unlike the hostels, hotels and internet cafes that make Aguas Calientes the uber-tourist town that it is, Inkaterra is a lush sanctuary set apart from the crowd, where you can feel as civilized and pampered as the former residents of the ancient city on the mountaintop above.


SOL Y LUNA: Sacred Valley

Sol Y Luna bungalo Sacred Valley Peru

Beautiful round bungalows that are set into a rambling garden landscape, complete with giant hummingbirds zipping around bountiful flowering shrubs. Add in its own stable of Paso Fino horses, and Sol Y Luna has it all. This one you shouldn’t miss, and for the price of a mid-range hotel room in a major North American city, this one is a tranquil, luxurious retreat!



Second Horse sculpture in front of Second Home Guesthouse, Peru

Second Home Guesthouse/Gallery

This was a real find. Not only is this B&B located near a funky part of Lima, filled with restaurants and bars that come alive at night, but it sits directly on the cliff’s edge, overlooking the Pacific Ocean’s fabulous sunsets. The tudor-styled house doubles as a gallery for one of Lima’s most successful artists, Victor Delfin, whose sculptures, paintings and ceramic collections are displayed throughout the house and grounds.

His daughter, Lilian, runs the B&B, and if you’re lucky, like we were, she might introduce you to her father and give you a brief tour of his eclectic house/studio next door.  All for the price of a Holiday Inn!


EL ALBERGUE, Ollantaytambo

El Albergue hotel Peru front

Sometimes a convenient location outweighs everthing. Which is why we stayed at El Albergue, a small rustic hotel literally INSIDE the train station at Ollantaytambo. In fact, our room window looked out onto the platform! The good news, though, was that the backyard was very pretty, the bed was comfortable and the room was surprisingly quiet. And when you have to get up in the wee hours to make the first train to Aquas Calientes for your km 104 hike on the Inca Trail, being in the train station means an extra hour of precious sleep – making the cheap price of this room priceless!

El Albergue back garden, Peru

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