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It looks like the US is embracing the economic windfall from Canadian snowbirds 55 and older, and may soon allow us to spend 240 days in the States without a visa.

The law isn’t passed yet, so don’t be rushing out to buy any cheap swampland, but the signs are promising and for good reason. Fifty BILLION reasons – this is the estimated value of real estate owned by Canadians in Florida alone. Never mind the other monies we spend supporting the American economy.

But before you enjoy those extra 58 days down south, remember that your Canadian health insurance coverage may not extend for the same 240 day period. Double-check the maximum length of time your provincial health plan allows you to be absent, which in some cases is only 6 months.

Either way, it looks like TWO Canadian birds – the snowbird and the loonie – have some serious clout south of the border.

Now all we need to do is use it to get our friendly neighbours to drop that proposed border-crossing fee idea.

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