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The Art: 46-inch high Paper Mosaic Artwork from Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Story: As much as this looks like a well-loved (read ‘damaged’) woven shawl mounted in a giant frame, don’t be fooled. This is actually a flat piece of paper on which tiny pieces of coloured paper have been glued to create the illusion of a 3-D textile. Complete with shaggy fringe of super-fine strips of paper.


That’s what I said, when I saw it. Actually, when I saw it 4 or 5 times, since I kept returning to the shop in Buenos Aires’ San Telmo art and antiques market, where it first caught my attention. It obviously made an impression because once I saw it, I couldn’t stop myself from going back to look at it again and again. Every time I was impressed a little more, finding something more beautiful to look at.

Something tells me I’m going to do the same with Buenos Aires. Like the art in the historic market where I found this, BA is a mixture of old and new, antique and unique. Called the ‘Paris of South America’, its old-world architecture fools you into believing you are in a European city, until you turn the corner and see the strikingly modern skyscrapers that vie equally for your attention.

Buenos Aires architecture

Buenos Aires old world architecture has earned it the nickname of “Paris of South America”

My time in Buenos Aires was too limited to give me more than a taste of the history, food, culture, and art that makes this city so engaging. Like it’s renowned Tango dancers, Buenos Aires played the tease and left me wanting more.

Argentina street tango
I will 
be back to visit Buenos Aires again.

The Fact: The San Telmo market is a Sunday must-do if you like art, antiques, people-watching, tango, cafe culture and music, all squeezed into cobblestone streets full of locals and tourist alike. Plaza Dorrego is at the heart of it all, being the oldest public space in the city, so be sure to take time out to enjoy a drink at one of its cafes.

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