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It has been an arduous start to the new year since I decided to change the name and look of Grownup Travels and redesign the entire website from scratch…a task that I freely admit humbled this poor luddite (I won’t deny it, there were days that I literally sat slumped over my computer, head in hands, wondering why on earth I had given up drinking wine for a month – seriously, what was I THINKING?)

But perseverance pays off, and the good news is that (drum roll please!) has a whole new look and feel!

New Name, New Logo, and Now a New Look for!

Technology hurdles aside, we’re pretty proud of how the new and improved website looks – but the proof is in the pudding, and I guess that makes you the pudding – so take a little wander over to if you want some eye candy to break up your day, and let us know if you like it! Browse the Photo Galleries, check out Travel Tips (for the savvy travellers that you are), search for topics and stories from the Blog, and maybe even ‘Ooooh and ‘Aaahhhh’ a little at the sexy animations. And of course, now that the computer work is done, we’ll be adding to the site all the time, so you can keep checking back to see what’s new!

new site screenshots

Congratulations to our Tanzania Photobook Winner, Nancy S. from Ontario!

We started 2015 with a Contest to win this 100-page photo book of Tanzania’s wildlife, and Nancy’s name was drawn from all of you, our Grownup Travels subscribers, as our lucky winner! But I think Henk and I might even have been more thrilled than Nancy when we read her comments on Facebook after receiving her book:

Hello Grownup Travels…I received the Tanzania book today – its awesome – the photos are FABULOUS !! I slowly looked page by page, then flipped through the book, then went page by page again. I love it. Thank you so much !!!!

We are pretty proud of the photos we’ve taken, which is why we love sharing them. So even if you didn’t win the book, you can always check out some of our best photos in our Photo Galleries, including the Tanzania Photo Gallery  which includes some of the photos from the book. And we’ll be doing another contest soon, maybe even with photos from our next Grownup Trip…

Watch for Grownup Travels in Myanmar!

Henk and I are getting pretty excited to be heading to Myanmar this month, to explore a land that is still largely unspoiled by tourism (from everything we have read and heard). And now that all our planning is done, we can look forward to discovering everything this country has to offer – and sharing it with you during and after our travels. We’ll be posting updates to our Facebook page and you can follow us as we temple-hop in Bagan (one of the world’s most impressive archaeological sites), hike to visit hill tribes in the east, and visit an elephant sanctuary.

You know we have a Facebook Page, right?

If you haven’t visited our Facebook Page yet, you’re missing out on all kinds of great stuff! Stuff like….

…beautiful photos and travel tidbits from around the world

…tips to help you travel better, contests and deals that we share…

…maybe even something that makes you laugh.

So why not stop by and visit us on Facebook? And in the meantime, please forgive any kinks that we are still working out on the website (see luddite comment above). One thing I’ve learned is that a website, like the rest of us, is always a work-in-progress! And please, if you have any comments, we would love to hear them!

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