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Whether it’s shopping for hotels or for local crafts in foreign places, I’m the kind of person who is always on the lookout for the unique and the boutique. Blame it on the fact that here in Toronto, I’ve been spoiled by Queen Street West, a mecca for bohemians and bargain hunters alike, with the kind of eclectic shopping that can be very hard to find in unfamiliar ‘hunting grounds’. So when I discovered Central Avenue in St. Petersburg, Florida, appropriately named the Arts District, I felt like I had found my people. If quirky decor stores, designer resale, and local fashion boutiques are what you like to shop for, read on and discover where to go shopping in St. Petersburg.

Mis En Chic

St. Petes Mis en Chic store

In sharp contrast to the laid-back Florida style of decor, walking into Mis En Chic is like stepping into a Parisian apartment (albeit a massive one), and that’s exactly what the owner is going for. Soft pastel colours in a muted palette dominate the home decor and furnishings inside and out at this store, where more is definitely more and the style is more baroque than beach.

St. Petes Mis en Chic seahorse

Seahorses and coral provide an unusual take on “beach chic”.

Each piece in this store’s celebration of excess reflects a refined sense of taste that can add something interesting to any interior. And this style extends to the small clothing section at the front of the store as well, with pieces that have absolutely nothing to do with beachwear or flip-flops and are certain to up your fashion game with that special ‘je ne sais quoi’ that the French do so well.

Mis En Chic home decor store

A soft palette and classic French style define Mis En Chic

Paper Street Market

St. Petes Paper Street

On the other end of the spectrum from Parisian chic is St. Pete’s Paper Street Market, a treasure trove of reclaimed, antique, salvage and new pieces that feels like you’ve just stumbled onto the best industrial garage sale EVER. Here, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, whether that comes in the form of bulldog fridge magnets on a salvaged metal locker, or those oversized industrial letters that are on-trend in everything from farmhouse kitchens to spartan lofts.

St. Petes Paper Street dog magnets

Not your typical fridge magnet souvenirs.

Salvaged sign letters at Paper Street

I absolutely LOVE stores like this, since you never know what you’re going to find, and every corner has something new – or really old – to discover. And the prices here were really good! (even with the exchange rate on the Canadian dollar).

UPDATE: Sadly, Paper closed in late 2019. 

Designers’ Consigner

St. Petes Designers Consigner

I had no idea that the vintage/resale market in Florida was as good as it is, until I started talking with a few of the locals, and a few of the regulars who come to this part of the state. So when I saw the sign Designers’ Consigner on this store, I literally couldn’t cross the street fast enough to check it out. If this was my first taste of the resale market in Florida, I couldn’t have been more impressed.

Unlike many stores that sell gently used clothing, or vintage pieces, this store was beautifully curated and displayed (and lacking that noticeable odour of some resale stores!). The staff was friendly, savvy, and knew their merchandise (no small feat since it changes daily) and even patched me into the local resale market via a brochure that lists all the Pinellas County shops in the area. Whether you’re looking for a steal on Gucci or Chanel, or just a well-priced accessory or article of clothing, resale shopping in St. Petersburg should start with Designers’ Consigner.

St. Petes Designer Consigner curated wall

St. Pete’s Designer Consigner curated wall


Zazood in St. Pete's

Zazood will turn your idea of decor upside down.

Full-on funky, with a definite edge. That’s the best way to describe Zazood, where even the displays are as eccentric as some of the merchandise. (Where else do you see upside-down canoes on the ceiling, filled with glass lampshades, or African headdresses alongside profane dishtowels.)

Zazood store ST. Pete's

Clean dishtowels perfect for potty mouths – I loved them!

Zazood knows what their brand is, because everything here is a conversation piece, but this kind of novelty does come at a price that, like it’s inventory, may not be for everyone. But if you’re into funky, Zazood has it up the wazoo.

White Owl Market

White Owl market St Petes

This is what makes Central Ave in St. Pete such a great shopping street: store after store that is anything but cookie-cutter. White Owl Market is another one of these poke-around stores, promising that it is ‘never the same place twice’. Which of course, means you’ll have to visit more than once if you want to find the latest antique furniture piece they just found, or the newest pieces of artisan jewellery they’ve added to their ‘Necessaries’ accessories boutique.

Cozette’s Boutique

If the name ‘Cozette’ makes you think of the play Les Miserables, you’ll need to think again. There’s nothing ‘miserable’ about Cozette’s Boutique, or its owner, a personable ex NewYorker who has a great eye for local and international designs (and who even gave me a great recommendation for lunch in the area.) Cozette sources her boho-style clothing from Asia, Europe and South America, and showcases the merchandise in the equally eclectic Crislip Arcade, a galleria-type building originally constructed in 1926, now restored and home to an art school, studios, art galleries and small businesses.

St. Petes Central Ave arcade

The Crislip Arcade of shoppes on Central Avenue in St. Pete’s Arts District

The Sundial Centre

St. Petes Sundial centre

The Sundial Centre in downtown St. Petersburg is a new mall with restaurants, shops and spas

Although not part of the Central Ave Arts District, no St. Pete’s “shopping list” would be complete without including the Sundial Centre in downtown St. Petersburg. The shopping centre has boutiques that offer something beyond the typical mall (as well as restaurants if you need to recharge between credit card charges!)

If all this sounds like there’s a lot of shopping in St. Petersburg, that’s because there is! I didn’t expect that St. Petersburg would offer this much variety and I spent two full afternoons hitting up the stores on Central Avenue alone, just because I didn’t want to miss anything. Normally, boutique shopping can be a challenge in many cities, with great stores few and far between. But fortunately for me, St. Pete’s Central Ave provided plenty of options in one retail strip to satisfy my curiosity and my taste for the unique without having to search far and wide. Who knew?

Visit St. Petes orange logo
Special thanks to Visit St. Petersburg/Clearwater who hosted my 3-night stay in the area and introduced me to some of its attractions, including several of these stores.

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