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Some people have a photo ‘thing’ when they travel – a mascot that photobombs every landmark, shots of odd roadsigns or oversize roadside kitsch, or even the classic ‘Doors of Provence’ series of objects that they are known for shooting. Henk and I are certainly guilty of a few of these, and while I don’t have a particular photo thing that is uniquely mine, Henk does, and it shows up on every trip, regardless of where we travel.

Our Travelocity Gnome Roaming in Northern Ontario

Our Travelocity Gnome Roaming in Northern Ontario

Guilty as Charged #1: The Mascot Photo Thing

After winning the Canadian Roaming Gnome at a blogger meetup sponsored by Travelocity, it was only fair that I would take him to explore some of our lovely country.

We even took him to sample some local craft beer at the Neustadt Brewery, and of course made him cookies. After all, a gnome does not live by travel alone.

At the Neustadt Springs Brewery

At the Neustadt Springs Brewery

Guilty as Charged #2: The Goofball Tourist Thing

Yes, I did it with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, too, but this shot from Dublin was even more painful to look at, once we had it home.

Pricking my finger on the Spire of Dublin

Pricking my finger on the Spire of Dublin

At least with the Peggy’s Cove shot, ‘Reclining Woman on Rocks’ there was an attempt made at art. Or not.

Fortunately, as goofy as I am, I married a goof sympathizer, so I’m not alone.

Peggy's Cove's

Peggy’s Cove’s “Reclining Woman”

Guilty as Charged #3: The ‘Doors of…’ Series Thing

Who hasn’t seen those posters of wonderfully worn shutters or colourful doors from old-world homes in Provence, or Lyons, or Florence, and then tried to replicate them with your own photos?

Here’s my attempt with some of the interesting southwest architecture of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I always wanted to do a 'Doors of..

Which leads me to Henk’s photo ‘thing’:

It started in Europe, where, as Henk explained, every beer brand has its own distinctive glass, and a good bar will always give you the corresponding glass that matches the beer. So he set out to prove this in pictures – in France, Holland, Italy, Belgium…you get the picture. And now, so do I, of every beer on every trip.

Henk's Signature Shot

Henk’s Signature Shot

It’s not a drinking thing, it’s a photo thing. Or as Henk defends it, it’s a hobby not a habit. Ah well, who am I to judge?

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