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Austria: Music, Architecture and Art Mecca

Austria: The Sound of Music truly lives here 

If art, architecture, history and stunning landscapes are music to your ears, then Austria is your country. And of course, if music is music to your ears, there’s a huge legacy here beyond just the film about the Von Trapps starring Julie Andrews.

This country’s musical pedigree runs deep here, with geniuses like Mozart, Schubert, Haydn, Mahler, Strauss hailing from here. The list goes on and on, and musical performances honouring these composers are a part of everyday life for Austrians.

But beyond its musical chops, Austria offers visitors so much of what you think of when you imagine European elegance: palaces and royal residences, stunning cathedrals, art history, and of course, gastronomy.

There’s a reason why river cruisers love to float on the iconic Danube (which really is more green than blue, despite the song), because at every port of call there’s something beautiful to see. And with liveable, cosmopolitan cities like Vienna along the route, you get to see the best of both rural and urban sides of this country.

Vienna Austria St. Charles Church artwork dusk


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