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Costa Rica: Living La Pura Vida

Costa rica bird of paradise

When it comes to providing the ultimate experience for every possible traveller, Costa Rica gets it right.

Whether you are looking to spoil yourself by unplugging completely in private jungle eco-lodges nestled in macaw-filled rainforest, or ride on horseback to pools fed by cascading waterfalls, this tiny country will accommodate your every travel wish. Maybe you’d prefer to immerse yourself in hot springs near a smoking volcano, or search for caymen in the brackish inlets near the hot and humid Caribbean? Or maybe you want to do it all, in two weeks, no less. Then Costa Rica is for you.

This may sound like the Amazing Race, but with Costa Rica being relatively small, it is all doable. If you include a few reasonably-priced domestic flights, it’s entirely possible to criss-cross the country without feeling rushed or stressed. On the contrary, Costa Rica makes it easy for you to enjoy the beauty and pace of “Pura Vida” (the pure life) without missing out on anything the country has to offer. And with a well-educated workforce devoted to tourism as a national product, it’s easy to find help organizing whatever kind of trip you can imagine.

TIP: Flying is the quickest way to get around, but weight restrictions on some small planes can limit your luggage allowance to 30 pounds or so – total! So check into these limits before leaving so you can ‘pack prepared’. You can also save space by wearing your hiking boots, and you can always get clothes laundered if needed. With the tropical climate, at least you won’t need to pack a parka! 

Costa Rica Poas volcano


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