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Virginia: The heart of historical America

Virginia Civil War Cannon Manassas

Virginia: History Abounds Here

It’s almost impossible to go anywhere in the state of Virginia without encountering some site of major historical importance.  Whether it’s the home of George Washington or Thomas Jefferson, or civil war sites where cannons stand to remind us of battles where so many soldiers fell on both sides, so much happened here that helped to define the United States of America.

Virginia’s urban centres provide visitors with plenty to see and do when it comes to exploring this history, but there are cultural gems here as well, where quirky, unexpected attractions live alongside space-age museums and contemporary art galleries.

Beyond its historic and cultural appeal, Virginia also offers visitors the chance to explore a beautiful and varied landscape. From Virginia Beach on the coast, to the lush green valleys stretching out below the Blue Ridge Parkway, this is a place made for road trips. Stop along the way to discover award-winning wineries, explore magical underground caverns, and sample cuisine that is influenced by both the north and the south.

History, culture, quirky attractions and flavours and comfort foods to satisfy every foodie – what’s not to love about Virginia?

Virginia Lockheed Blackbird Smithsonian Air and Space Museum


Stay Awhile in Wytheville, Virginia

Stay Awhile in Wytheville, Virginia

Even if you find yourself in Wytheville, Virginia while en route to another destination in the U.S., a couple of days spent exploring this charming small town can be a wonderful part of that road trip. Because whether you are a history buff, a nature lover, a culture vulture or a road warrior, there are plenty of things to do in Wytheville for all of you.

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