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Boutique Accommodations in the Maritimes

If you really want to get to know some of the residents of this part of the country, a B&B is a great way to go. And in some cases, it may be the only way to go, especially if you are looking for boutique accommodations close to Hopewell Cape in New Brunswick. (There are few options close to the actual Park where you can photograph the famous Rocks at high or low tide). Of course, the larger cities like Halifax and Moncton offer the usual hotel fare, but where’s the fun in that when you can stay in a pretty Victorian home instead?




THE MAPLE GROVE INN, 5 Maple St., Riverside Albert, New Brunswick

MARITIMES NB The Maple Grove Inn

Trying to find a nice place to stay near Hopewell Cape is near impossible, but a mere 15 minutes further down the road is an excellent option that makes a perfect base if you are also planning to see other parts of the Fundy Trail (a scenic drive and home to a gorgeous National Park). The rooms are pretty and the breakfast is gourmet and filling (often these two adjectives are mutually exclusive!). And if you give them 24 hours notice, they’ll also prepare dinner for you, which, if you are staying several days would be a good option since restaurant options nearby are limited and require driving. And that means no wine. (and this is a vacation after all!)



THE RODD MONCTON  HOTEL, Moncton, New Brunswick

Maritimes Rodd Moncton hotelThere’s nothing particularly distinctive about this property’s amenities as hotels go, other than the fact that it is an East Coast chain. But the one advantage that this hotel does have is its location: built literally on the bank of the Moncton River, it’s the perfect location if you’ve ever wanted to see a unique natural phenomenon specific to this river – the tidal bore, where the ocean literally flows backwards UP-river! This hotel is the place to see it. Why? Because if the tidal bore happens at midnight the day you happen to be there (tides change every day, remember), you can jump out of your nice cozy bed, walk 50 meters or so, and watch it all happen right in front of you.

The hotel is a perfectly fine option, and close to downtown restaurants, too, and if you book using, the rates are even cheaper than the front desk (a tip that the assistant manager actually gave us – how’s that for Maritime hospitality!)Maritimes NB Tidal Bore surfers




THE PEBBLE B&B, Halifax, Nova Scotia

MARITIMES NS Halifax B&BThis B&B’s Pebble Suite had me at its bathroom!

But that’s clearly not the only reason the Pebble is rated Halifax’ number 1 B&B (thank you again, Trip Advisor). The owner, Elizabeth O’Carroll, has a true designer’s eye and is equally meticulous about the quality of her bathroom finishes and she is the quality of her linens – both of which are top notch. The property has only two suites, so book early if you want to secure one and prepare to feel pampered.

An added bonus is that in the true tradition of her Irish roots, Elizabeth is always up for a bit of ‘craic’ by the giant fireplace in her kitchen, and she’ll be only too happy to tell you the story behind the Pebble, along with plenty of suggestions if you are looking for restaurants or things to do in the city.

Private and luxurious, this costs a little more than your typical B&B, but that’s because it feels more like a boutique inn.


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