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*Note: This review is in partnership with Dollar Flight Club, who asked us to provide an honest review of their service. We acknowledge that this may not be the right time to travel for everyone or to every destination. However, many of these deals are for future travel dates and include options that allow for changes/cancellations (depending on the carrier). Regardless of when you do decide to travel, be sure to follow all necessary protocols and regulations to help keep everyone safe.

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Can you feel the excitement in the air? The optimism and joy as the world starts to open up….? But even now as vaccines are rolling out around the world, there’s another bug that is resurfacing in North Americans: the travel bug! After being grounded for so long, people are beginning to think about travelling again, and starting now, there are definitely deals to be had when it comes to airfares! But how do you find these amazing discounted flights? One resource you should check out is Dollar Flight Club, a subscription-based service that scours the internet looking for great airfare deals and feeds them right to your inbox. This service can save you time and more importantly, money…we’re talking hundreds of dollars! To see how it all works, here is our Dollar Flight Club Review 2021:

How Does Dollar Flight Club Work Exactly?

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I’m typically a non-joiner when it comes to clubs of any sort, but Dollar Flight Club is definitely the exception, because its sole purpose is to help me save money on something I absolutely love to do: travel. And it’s simple.

Once you sign up to become a member, you get access to discounted flight deals that are sent right to your inbox. The flight deals can be everything from ‘mistake fares’ that airlines publish in error, to get-em-while-they’re-hot discounted airfares that airlines use to fill empty seats on planes or sometimes to introduce new routes.

Better yet, because you can specify which departure airport(s) you typically use when you sign up, the airfares you will receive are ones that are actually relevant. And yes, major Canadian airports are part of Dollar Flight Club’s searches as well, even though the company is based in the States.

Emails from Dollar Flight Club Reviiew 2021

Email alerts show the price of the flight right in the subject line, so you will see the destination immediately, and the email contains a link to the booking website or websites where the deals can be found. (Dollar Flight Club itself is NOT a booking engine for these deals; they just locate them and direct you to where you can book the flights, whether that is Google Flight Search, Skyscanner, etc.)

Dollar Flight Club Review 2021 email link
Every Dollar Flight Club email links you to a booking site for the discounted flight.

TIP for Canadians: Airfares in the email alerts are shown in US Dollars, so the actual numbers will be different once you link through to the booking engine (which will display them in Canadian dollars). Regardless, the deals are still great and usually way lower than normal fares.

No Other Email Gets Me This Excited

For travel addicts like myself, seeing one of these Dollar Flight Club flight alerts in my inbox can’t help but get my adrenaline rushing! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen destinations pop up that fuel my imagination even before I’ve opened the email. I’m halfway there before I even click through to the booking site.

paris morocco cancun trio images
Paris, Morocco, Cancun….decisions, decisions, decisions!

But I have to be honest here, I’m often disappointed because the deal is sometimes gone before I’ve had a chance to grab it. Which is one of the realities of any of these services, and why it’s important that you check your inbox regularly. Hours can mean the difference between scoring a deal, or missing out on one. Of course, I’ve sometimes found that the flight isn’t a direct one, or that it is only valid for a week from now. Not every flight deal is the right deal for everyone.

Which leads me to…

My Number 1 Tip for Using Dollar Flight Club:

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Be flexible – and fast!!! If you are checking your emails regularly and you see a deal come through, you need to jump on it. These airfares don’t last long, so if you can be spontaneous, and/or have the flexibility to travel when you want to, you have the best opportunity to take advantage of this service.

Of course you can also have a specific destination in mind and be on the lookout for that one, too. If you already know that you want to travel to Italy, for example, but you aren’t that fussy about exactly when you go or where you land, keep your eyes open for a flight to Milan or Rome to fly into your inbox. You could be making your Italian Dolce Vita dream come true for a lot less money.

How Much Can You $ave with Dollar Flight Club? Hundreds!

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Based on the deals I’ve seen come into my own inbox, you could conservatively save hundreds of dollars with Dollar Flight Club compared to the typical airfare. Especially if you are travelling as a couple.

Right now in particular, airlines are scrambling to make up for lost revenue due to Covid, so there are some exceptional deals everywhere. It’s hard not to find one, even if you aren’t looking. But once people start travelling more frequently, I can almost guarantee that those discounted offers are going to become much fewer and farther between.

Once that happens, the cost of the service offered by Dollar Flight Club will be even more worth it.

So, What Does it Cost?

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You’re probably thinking, what’s the catch, and how much does this all cost me? There are 3 different levels of membership in Dollar Flight Club, starting with ‘basic’ which costs you absolutely nothing. That’s right. Zip. Nada. Nil. Zero. Of course, this doesn’t give you access to all the deals, just 3 deals a week maximum, which could mean none a week, depending on where you live. Free members also only get to select one departure airport, and you won’t see any domestic flights, only international ones.

For much more extensive access, you’ll need to go to Premium, which costs $69 US a year, but gives you way more flight alerts. I have been getting multiple deals a day, (8 – 10 a week at least) now that travel is starting to ramp up! The flights are both domestic and international, too. For this reason, Premium makes the most sense to me.

BONUS: With a Premium subscription, you also get more departure airports (4 total) to add to your profile, so if you live near multiple airports you will have even more options for flights. Plus you get priority access to see the deals sooner than free members!

If you want to raise the bar even further, there’s Premium Plus for $99 US, which serves up Business and First Class flight deals. Of course, these airfares typically come with a much higher price tag, but if this is the style to which you have ‘flown accustomed’, why not go for it.

My Dollar Flight Club Review 2021 in a nutshell?

Dollar flight club and thumbs up

To be clear, there are other similar subscription search services out there. But the ones that offer you any real shot at an airfare deal are the ones that come with a price tag. And all of them need you to be flexible in terms of when and where you want to travel. For grownup travellers who may be semi-retired or in a position to dictate your own vacation ‘rules’, I would definitely recommend checking out the Premium membership level of Dollar Flight Club.

Compared to the $69 annual fee, (even with the US exchange rate), my travel rewards credit card costs me more, and I consider that a good investment even if it may only save me on one flight a year.

With Dollar Flight Club, there are multiple deals to consider every week that could save me hundreds of dollars on each – and I don’t have to do all the searching myself!

My Final Thought: the First Rule of Dollar Flight Club….

…is definitely to TALK ABOUT Dollar Flight Club! Which is why I’m sharing this with you now.

The second rule of Dollar Flight Club is to check out their Premium plan for yourself. Talk may be cheap, but these deals really do speak for themselves.


This review includes an affiliate link which means we may earn a small commission should you subscribe to Dollar Flight Club. This income helps us maintain this website but does not mean you pay anything additional yourself.

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