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Night shot of stars in the Serengeti Tanzania

After all the afternoons spent straining your eyes in search of the Serengeti’s celebrated lions, cheetahs, zebras and giraffes, take a moment in the evening to look up for a celestial display that is equally eye-popping. 

There are millions of reasons why you should definitely plan on camping out while on safari in Tanzania – and they are right above your head. With no cities for hundreds of miles, and the only light coming from your campfire and the hurricane lantern on the threshold of your tent, zero light pollution means the stars have no competition. The dark sky provides the perfect uninterrupted backdrop for stargazing, as the Milky Way stretches from horizon to horizon in a spectacular blue/white arc.

Tenting on the Serengeti

Tenting on the Serengeti is not to be missed

Tanzania’s incredible wildlife may capture your attention during the day, but it is the stars, not the lions, of the Serengeti, that rule the night.

TIP: Tenting on safari is expensive, anywhere from $250-$750 per person per night, depending on what degree of luxury you choose, and what type of outfitter. But still, this is one of those splurges you shouldn’t deny yourself. It’s the Seren-freakin-geti for goodness’ sake!

Jane with Hat Tanzania

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